Last updated: May 24, 2024

Smartschool - SAT Prep Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: May 24, 2024


Smartschool, Inc. ("Smartschool") offers a referral promotion ("Promotion") for existing subscribers of the Smartschool - SAT Prep app. Participants in the Promotion can earn a $30 Amazon gift card by inviting friends to subscribe to the app.


Active Subscription: A subscription status where no payment is past due. The subscription must not be suspended, canceled, or subject to a pending cancellation. An active subscription is confirmed upon successful receipt and processing of the subscription fee for the current billing period.

First Payment: The initial financial transaction made by the invitee after any free trial period, if applicable. This payment must be a positive amount, confirming the initiation of a paid subscription.


  1. Subscription Requirement: Only existing subscribers who have paid for a subscription to Smartschool - SAT Prep are eligible to participate in the Promotion.

  2. Invitation Limit: Each eligible subscriber ("Referrer") can invite up to three friends by providing their email addresses and names.

  3. Geographic Requirement: Both the Referrer and the invited friends ("Invitees") must be legal residents of the United States and have a valid mailing address in the United States to be eligible for the Promotion.

Promotion Details

  1. Invitation Process:

    • After paying for a subscription, the Referrer can invite friends by submitting their email addresses and names through the app. Invitees will receive a registration link via the provided email, which they must use within 7 days to receive the benefits of the Promotion.

  2. Discount for Invitees: Invitees will receive a 30% discount on their first billing period upon signing up using the registration link.

  3. Reward Conditions:

    • 35 days after the Invitee makes their first payment, the Referrer will receive a $30 Amazon gift card if all the following conditions are met:

      • The Invitee must have an active subscription on the account created using the registration link, defined as a subscription in a cycle for which payment has been received, and must not have received or requested a refund.

      • The Referrer has not already received three gift cards from this Promotion.

Additional Terms

  1. Referral Limit and Maximum Rewards: Each Referrer can invite up to three friends (three different email addresses) and receive a maximum of three $30 Amazon gift cards through this Promotion.

  2. Reward Delivery: The $30 Amazon gift card will be sent to the Referrer via email 35 days after the Invitee’s first payment, provided all conditions are met. If the Referrer does not receive the gift card, they should contact customer support.

  3. Active Subscription Requirement: Both the Referrer and the Invitee must maintain active subscriptions for the reward to be issued.

Legal Information

  1. Promotion Changes: Smartschool reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Promotion at any time if it is being abused or due to unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be communicated through the app or via email.

  2. Fraud and Abuse: Any fraudulent or abusive behavior, such as creating fake accounts or engaging in any activity that Smartschool deems misuse of the Promotion, may result in disqualification from the Promotion and the reversal of any rewards issued.

  3. Taxes: Any taxes associated with receiving the Amazon gift card are the responsibility of the recipient. Smartschool will not be liable for any tax obligations incurred as a result of the Promotion.

  4. Governing Law: The Promotion and these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, USA. Any disputes arising from the Promotion will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delaware.

  5. Personal Data: Personal data processed during the Promotion will be handled in accordance with the Smartschool Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

For any queries or complaints, please contact Smartschool customer support at

Smartschool, Inc. Registered Address: 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808, USA